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What We Do

The Human Services Program prepares students for employment in careers that relate to families and human needs including education, counseling, mental health services, family and financial planning, and care services. Students who participate in this program will develop academic, problem solving, workplace, citizenship, ethics, and leadership skills.



Successful students in this program have these academic opportunities available to them.

 - Dual Enrollment through the Community College of Vermont

 Students have the opportunity to gain credit in 2 of the following courses...

     *  Workplace Communication in Early Childhood Education (4 credits)

     *  Infant/Toddler Development (3 credits)

     *  Introduction to Early Childhood Education (3 credits)

     *  Human Growth and Development (3 credits)

 - Child Development Associate Certification (CDA) (students have the opportunity to earn the academic portion of this certification).

 - Community First Aid Certification (CFA-ARC)

 - CPR, Child, Infant and Adult Certification (CPR-ARC)


Embedded Academic Credit Areas

For a student who successfully completes this program, the Vermont Agency of Education provides for the following credits. Additional academic credit may be available based on sending school policies.

 - 1 Social Studies Credit

 - 5 Elective Credits



Human Services Students use these industry-recognized texts, although others might be used throughout the year.

 - Life Span Development- Sharleen L Kato

 - Contemporary Living- Verdene Ryder


Recommended Reading Level

Textbooks and the majority of class texts in this course are written at the following grade level. The first number correlates to the grade level and the decimal refers to the monthly progress throughout the year. For example, an 11.3 would translate to an “11th grade reading level, approximately 3 months into the school year.”

 - 9.2 (Life Span Development)

 - 9.0 (Contemporary Living)


Recommended Math Skills

Successful students in this program should expect to master these math skills. Previous preparation and training in these areas are critical for academic success in this program.

 - Conversions

 - Statistics

 - Financial literacy

 - Basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)


CVCC Safety Exams

Every CVCC Program begins the year with a Safety Exam. Students are required to pass these safety exams before they can participate in program lab settings. For more information about these exams, contact the CVCC School Counseling Coordinator.

 - American Red Cross CPR/First Aid Certification

 - Fire Extinguisher Safety with Vermont Fire Extinguishers Inc.


Instructor Information

Instructor: Lori Hebert


Phone: (802).476.6237 ext. 1022

The Central Vermont Career Center does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color,

national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and marital status in

admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs and activities.

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