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What We Do

In this the three-block Exploratory Tech class, students will learn foundational skills to prepare them to be successful in a Career Center Program in their junior and/or senior years.

Exploratory Technology students balance their time between practicing their academic skills and shadowing in all CVCC programs, giving students a chance to explore career pathways and opportunities provided by Career and Technical education.

The Exploratory Technology Program follows a curriculum that emphasizes the development of critical thinking, reasoning, and problem solving skills. Students learn applied academic and technical skills designed to prepare them for success in any technical program at CVCC.


* All Exploratory Technology students will be required

to safely operate hand and power tools as they

complete technical projects. *



Successful students in this program have these academic opportunities available to them.

 - A full academic education experience

 - Basic First Aid and CPR Certification

 - OSHA 10 hour Certification by CareerSafe

 - Time spent participating in every program at the Career Center


Embedded Academic Credit Areas

For a student who successfully completes this program, the Vermont Agency of Education provides for the following credits. Additional academic credit may be available based on sending school policies.

 - 1 Science Credit

 - 1 Math Credit

 - 1 English Credit

 - 1 Social Studies Credit

 - 2 Elective Credits



Exploratory Technology Students use these industry-recognized texts, although others might be throughout over the year.

- Entering the World of Work- Glencoe

- Various Trade Texts


Recommended Reading Level

Any student applying for the Exploratory Technology program should be prepared for 10th grade level reading.


Recommended Math Skills

Successful students in this program should expect to master these math skills. Previous preparation and training in these areas are critical for academic success in this program.

 - Trade-specific math

 - Measurements and construction calculations

 - Fractions, decimals, and percentages

 - Basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)


CVCC Safety Exam

Every CVCC Program begins the year with a Safety Exam. Students are required to pass this safety exam before they can participate in program lab settings. For more information about these exams, contact the CVCC School Counseling Coordinator.

- Wood Shop and Hand Tool Safety Program Certification (CVCC Designed)

Instructor Information

Instructor: Paul Parsons


Phone: (802).476.6237 ext. 2134

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